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How To Beat Sportsbook – Top Tips

The best offer of the portal for making quick money is sports betting bonuses, so today we will look at the most important things if you want to earn money from sports betting.

If you didn’t know yet, then I can remind you that everyone has the opportunity to receive 203 euros in risk-free bets at sports betting offices licensed in Latvia.

A risk-free bet means that you can place bets in the sports book completely without any risk. For example, sports bookmaker offers 3 risk-free bets in the amount of 11 euros. You can place 3 bets of 11 euros on different sports events and if they are correct, you will receive your winnings and be able to withdraw the money to your bank account. But if any of these bets lose, you will receive a refund of 11 euros in your account immediately after the end of the sporting event. You will also be able to withdraw this money immediately to your bank account.

Familiarize yourself with the teams or players you are betting on

Get to know teams or players, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, see their recent results and draw objective conclusions. Also pay special attention to the nuances, for example, in football, check the list of players registered for the game, maybe the biggest star will not play today, that’s why the odds on this team are so high. In tennis, find out if the particular cover is the most comfortable for the player you are going to bet on. Maybe this player has just returned to the tennis courts from an injury and is not yet able to play at 100%. There is a lot of statistical data available in every sport, which, at least superficially, should be familiar to you so that you can make more logical and smarter bets.

Bet on motivated teams or players

In sports, teams or players often do not show all that they are capable of, but in other games they play much better than what is expected of them, especially in games with high stakes (need points or victory, threat of elimination from the tournament, etc. critical cases). Therefore, before placing bets on sports events, find out how important this game is to the team or player. If the team has already secured a place in the play-off zone, then it can relax a bit and save its strength for the play-off battles. But, for example, football teams that are at the bottom of the table can fight to avoid relegation. Another motivating factor for both teams and individual sports is the desire to avenge a previous loss.

Don’t chase lost sports bets

If you have ever gambled, then you definitely know that bad feeling that you have lost and you want to get that lost money back at any cost. This is probably the biggest stumbling block that prevents many sportsbook bettors from making a profit.

At all costs, you should avoid placing larger amounts in the game, so as to recover what was previously lost.

Instead, you should study why you are losing and reduce the amount of bets until you are back on the winning track. Every totalizator gambler will have successful and unsuccessful ends, but only those who can control themselves when the luck is gone will be the winners in the end.

Make sports bets with your head, not your heart

Make sports bets with your head

Another of the biggest stumbling blocks in the world of sports betting is placing unreasonable bets on teams close to you. Of course, everyone would like to bet that Dinamo Riga will win every game, but as we all know, that is very far from the truth.

Betting on sports requires keeping a cool head. Do not bet on a team or player just because you like it. You should make your bets with your head based on statistics and past results. Only in this way you will be able to earn money with sports betting in the long term.

Value Bets – Find low risk but high return rates

If you want to make long-term money with sports betting, then you will need to learn how to find bets with high added value. This means that you will have to learn to determine the true value of bets. For example, If your subjective opinion about the next game of the English Premier League club “Arsenal” is that the odds for “Arsenal” to win should be 1.30, but the odds are available in sportsbooks at 1.50, then this will be a value bet. In this case, the risk-reward ratio is on your side, making this a worthwhile bet.

Bet against public opinion

Bet against public opinion

Some teams and athletes have very large social followings. For example, the English Premier League clubs Chelsea and Manchester United. You can often find very valuable bets when betting against these teams, as most bookmakers will adjust their odds to match the amount of money placed on these teams. This means that the non-favorite odds will be higher than they should be, which you can use to your advantage.

Pay attention to injuries

In both team sports and individual sports, injuries are not uncommon. You should keep an eye on the physical ability of the players, but you should not give it a decisive role. Can the Spanish La Liga club Barcelona win without Lionel Messi? It is certainly possible, because another, high-class player will take the field instead of Messi, and all the other 10 Messi teammates will remain on the field. In tennis, is a player who requests a medical break written off and doomed? Definitely no! Often after these breaks, players surprise their opponents.

Most people tend to overreact to injuries, so it’s possible to make valuable bets at this point as well.

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