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Sports betting Markets with the most Profitable Odds

Betting Odds are very dynamic because it usually undergoes consistent changes. Each sport has its own quality of odds, so betting on a particular sport can be more lucrative than others. For this reason, many punters stick to wagering on only a single sport throughout their gambling journey. Besides, it is possible to stick to only one sport as there are so many markets available. Some of the top sports ranked according to their number of markets, and quality of odds are:


The game of soccer is played everywhere, across nations and continents. It is the most popular sport on earth, thereby making it the most bet on sport. There are so many leagues and tournaments in soccer, giving sportsbooks the ability to stock their platforms with enough betting markets. 

Consequently, soccer is the sport with the highest betting market and the most lucrative odds. There is a rush among the various platforms on who would provide better odds for their markets. Bet22 has been able to attract a significant number of punters, all thanks to the high odds attached to their soccer markets. Some of the lucrative soccer markets include: Anytime goalscorer, multi-goal bet, correct score bet, and total number of corners bet. 


The next most popular sport for bettors is the highly intense game of basketball. It has numerous leagues and tournaments, but the most popular is the NBA. The NBA is what attracts a large percentage of bettors to these betting sites. Whenever it’s NBA season, punters are usually excited because of its profitability. Also, there are so many games played during the tournament, giving bettors the perfect opportunity to make profits. 

Aside from the NBA, there are tournaments like Euroleague, WNBA, and FIBA Basketball World Cup all available on these sportsbooks. Similar to soccer, basketball has a very large and lucrative betting market, which is why many bettors stick to betting on only basketball. A few of the most lucrative basketball markets you can find include: NBA championship winner, points bet, Highest point scoring player, and quarter winner.


Tennis is the most popular individual sport bettors bet on in an online sportsbook. Despite not being a team sport like soccer or basketball, it is still able to provide numerous betting markets for bettors. Its appeal among bettors is also a result of the numerous tournaments held frequently. Therefore, grand slams like the French Open, US Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon are usually the most watched and staked among fans. 

For bettors who prefer to wager on tennis, the availability of betting markets is not a problem. They also have quality odds attached to their markets. Some of the most lucrative markets you can find include straight winner, set winner.

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