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How to play and win Bingo?

Playing Bingo online is very easy and once you get more interested in the game, you’ll realise how much fun it can be!

When playing Bingo, the player purchases one or more bingo cards. It is a simple online process where players choose how many cards they want to play.

The player has the option to choose and buy a specific number of cards or let the game choose them for you. There is also the option to select specific cards by clicking on them from the selection.

If you don’t like the cards you have chosen, you can start over and choose different cards.

Once your cards have been purchased the bingo numbers will be called, at this point the player can choose to either manually drop their bingo cards by clicking on their bingo cards as they are called or the player can select the auto-drop feature from the game options and the software will automatically catch the played cards.

Marking your Bingo cards

In live bingo rooms, a bottle full of coloured ink is most commonly used to mark Bingo calls. In the early days of Bingo, things like beans and plastic chips were also used.

Online, we give our bingo cards with the click of a mouse, a coloured square that then covers the number that has been called. Some online bingo halls give you a choice of colours, some don’t, others even give you a choice of shapes, rather than just covering the numbers with a square, you can use hearts, stars or other fun shapes!

Bingo card pattern

Bingo card pattern

There are hundreds of bingo patterns to choose from, if you played bingo as a child in the classroom you are probably familiar with the straight line bingo pattern, whereas the player wins whenever they form a line using 5 bingo numbers, or 4 bingo numbers and a free space across their bingo card.

Find live Bingo games or play online

Playing bingo online or at your local bingo hall is very similar, however there are plenty of other models to choose from. At the start of each game, the winning pattern will be displayed, then players win by matching the pattern on their bingo card before another player does.

If more than one player creates a pattern at the same time, then the points will be divided fairly between them.

At your local bingo hall you will see a large transparent plastic ball full of small bingo balls. Inside, the bingo balls are numbered from 1 to 75 with the corresponding letter above each number, e.g. B1.

The numbers from 1 to 75 are scattered between the words B-I-N-G-O. B balls are numbered 1-15, I is 16-30, etc.

Win Bingo

In the Live Bingo room, the balls are pulled one by one from a plastic container and the numbers are announced over a loudspeaker so that players can see if they have any winning cards until one lucky player shouts BINGO!

At your local bingo hall you have the option of playing bingo using a machine available for purchase, when you play using one of these machines (such as the popular ‘Traveler’ machine) you only have to enter each number, as it is called, once and the machine will deal all your cards containing that number.

However, when playing online, if you choose this option, the machine will automatically discard all your Bingo numbers! You don’t even have to type them in!

Online Bingo/Offline Bingo

Online and offline bingo also offer another big similarity, offline bingo is offered by bingo halls.

Of course, we go to the bingo hall for a chance to win the big prize, but beyond that there is a great sense of community participation.

Many of us have someone we go bingo with, others go to the bingo hall and meet up with several friends or acquaintances.

Online Bingo also has a chat room where you can communicate with other players from all over the world. There is a great sense of community in an Online Bingo room, just like you would find in a live bingo room.

The only online bingo in Latvia is Laimz bingo.

Online Bingo Chat

Online Bingo Chat

Online bingo chat offers a twist that the offline version does not, however, most online bingo games offer chat games throughout the bingo game.

During a chat game, Bingo players usually look out for a specific number or pattern to be called, when it is called they type a pre-specified message into the chat and win bingo dollars. Bingo is the most commonly used name, but depending on the online bingo site, you may see other names referring to it.

Whatever the name, for the bingo player these bingo discs turn into free bingo cards. Generally, bingo is equal to one dollar worth of bingo cards.

Bingo Bonus

Most bingo dollars are credited to players’ accounts within 24 hours, are considered a bonus and cannot be withdrawn from your account.

Generally, when you purchase bingo cards, the money in your account will be used before the bingo dollars, which means that your balance will decrease while you are still accumulating bingo dollars. Many bingo sites have deposit limits, so be sure to read them to see if you are eligible to win these valuable free bingo cards.

Whatever your chosen method of playing Bingo, be it online, in person or a mixture of both. Be sure to have fun and enjoy your time together with your Bingo buddy!

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